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All FAQs (Helpie FAQ)

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Helpie FAQ

  • Is this really free? What's the catch?

    Yes and none! For now we are not charging for this product, so now is the perfect time to sign up (we need to cover our costs so it may not be able to be free forever). Once we’ve sent you your report, we will ask for a bit of feedback on how we did and what we can improve. Other than that there is nothing really to lose, and everything to gain.

  • I don't live in the UK. Can I still benefit?

    This report has been designed for people living in the UK and asks questions relevant to the people who live there, and estimates potential earnings and savings in £s. You may still benefit from some of the ideas if you don’t live in the UK, but a lot of it may also not make sense.

  • How much better off can I be?

    This is hard to answer as the exact number will be different for each person. On average, we have helped people identify opportunities to earn in the £000s more, and save around £1,000 per year.

  • How long does this all take?

    Once you register your interest you’ll be able to start completing the questionnaire straight away. This then takes about 30-60 minutes of your time (you don’t need to complete it all in one go). When we have your questionnaire, it usually takes 2-3 business days to send you your report.

  • I don't know much about finance. Is this right for me?

    Absolutely yes. The report has been designed to be very easy to understand, and the questionnaire guides you through a series of straightforward questions. Even if you are more familiar with finance and financial management, we’re confident we’ll uncover new opportunities for you.

  • What specifically do I receive?

    You’ll be sent a 20-50 slide, highly visual and easy-to-understand PDF document. The number of slides varies as the more opportunity there is to earn money, the more information we need to give you. Each report contains both a summary of all the financial opportunity, and the detail behind that sits behind it.

  • So how does this all work?

    It’s really simple. Sign up and we’ll send you a link to a questionnaire where you can tell us everything about yourself – your job, what you spend your money on and so on. We use that information to produce a report with personalised recommendations to earn more and save more money over the next 12 months.